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Article: The best decoration guide with cushions

decoracion con cojines

The best decoration guide with cushions

The world of decorating with cushions is fascinating. If you are thinking of buying cushions , stay: this article interests you.

In a place where different questions coexist that break our minds to the point of not buying that cushion that we like so much for the simple fact of not knowing what size is the best or how to combine the cushions on the sofas.

And yes, cushions are essential in home decoration. For example, combining cushions with the bed makes a difference when it comes to setting a space like the bedroom. Therefore, by choosing cushions of different textures and colors, you can personalize and soften the appearance of furniture and rooms, creating a cozy feeling.

Therefore, at IQ Home, we are going to give you the keys to enjoy good decoration with cushions in every space in your home. Everything, with the aim that you select the decorative cushions that best suit your needs. You will mark a before and after in your home.

How to combine cushions on sofas?

The million dollar question. The sofa is a key element in our home. Silly, it is one of the most recurrent places in the home and it is important to adapt it well to the comforts that we demand in a space of rest and comfort. So, sit down (on your couch) and enjoy this guide to decorating your couch with cushions.

Mark your own style

This applies to every corner of the house. It is important that you analyze the touch you want to give to your living room with a sofa. There are many options when it comes to decorating your sofa with cushions. Be careful, because it is not always easy, since you have to know the spaces in which we are very well.

For example, if you have a modern sofa adapted to a more spacious living room, you can opt for a large velvet cushion , with which you can mix classic and modern in an efficient way. This cushion is ideal when it comes to adding color to the sofa, but also to the space in which it is located. A success.

Within that modern space, a medium-sized cotton cushion can help balance the environment. In addition, the range of colors within IQ Home cushions helps you find the right format. It is very important to play with colors, so review our catalog with an analytical eye.

how to combine cushions on sofas Try mixing cushions

Another great decorative option is to combine different cushion styles and colors. It may seem risky, but you will add color to the house and your sofa almost without realizing it. In addition, you will gain comfort because you can also play with the textures and fillings of the cushions.

A good mix can be to make a mix of sizes. For example, on a bright colored sofa, combine a large pink cushion , which also serves as a seat, with a small burgundy velvet cushion . If the sofa is small, use 45x45 cushions. If it is larger, add 50x50 combinations.

The placement

The way you place cushions is an element to take into account and is what will make the difference between a more dynamic appearance and a more standard one. The texture of the cushions is also important. Cushions of different textures can help create a more interesting visual effect.

For example, velvet cushions add a luxurious touch, while cotton or linen cushions are more casual. For this reason, it is essential to keep in mind the way in which we are going to place them, since we can give it one touch or another depending on the decision we make.

How to combine cushions on the bed?

It is always a good idea to decorate our room with cushions , especially if it is on our bed or more comfortable spaces. Bed cushions provide warmth, comfort, and style while promoting a cozy, relaxing and safe environment. In the end, it is a corner where comfort has to reign.

Of course, when combining cushions on the bed, several factors must be taken into account, such as the size of the bed, the style of decoration of the room and the desired effect. Decorating a guest room is not the same as decorating your own room, which will have greater use and enjoyment.

Regarding the size of the bed, the ideal is to use a combination of cushions of different sizes. Large cushions , about 50 x 50 cm or 60 x 60 cm, are placed at the back of the bed to create an effect of volume and depth. You can combine this with a small printed cushion , which will go in front to give a more cozy feeling.

Furthermore, the good thing about choosing a printed cushion is that it is useful for both a classic-style bedroom and a more modern one, since it will exert greater power when it comes to making the entire space shine, playing with a more modern atmosphere. formal or another more groundbreaking one. That's up to everyone's taste.

By following these tips, you can create cushion combinations that give a personal and cozy touch to your home.

If you are looking for high quality and designer cushions, we invite you to visit IQ Home Collection , the most careful products for home decoration in an elegant, safe and comfortable way.

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